The prestigious Gallery Perrin specializes in end of the 17th to early 19th century antique furniture, paintings and objects of art, and is, as such, one of the main representatives of the “goût français” of that era, in France as well as abroad.
The Perrin - Father and Son, display their remarkable pieces over three stories and more than 5000 square feet of exhibition space, in the heart of the Faubourg Saint Honoré on the place Beauvau in Paris, steps from the Presidential palace.
Ever since the early sixties, the Perrin family, acclaimed for its reliability, and outstanding truthful service, has been relentlessly searching for the rarest objects, and sharing its “loved at first sight” treasures.


In addition to private clients and the world greatest collectors, galerie Perrin has sustained continued contacts with numerous and prominent museums, as well as designers in France and throughout the world.
Some of the most influential museums involved include:

- le Musée du Louvre,

- le Musée National du Château de Versailles,

- le Musée Louis Philippe,

- The Cleveland Museum,

- The J. Paul Getty Museum,

- Saint Louis Art Museum etc.

Père et Fils have developed a strong commitment to share their passion with their clients, advising them while building strong and long lasting relationships based on trust.



Jacques Perrin donated a secrétaire de voyage, formerly owned by Marie-Antoinette, to the Musée National du Château de Versailles.


Musée National du Château de Versailles

    Bureau de pente, Louis XV period, stamped B.V.R.B. (Bernard II Van Riesen Burgh).

- Delivered by Sieur Hébert marchand for the cabinet de retraite of Madame la Dauphine at Versailles, on February 18, 1745, less than a week before her wedding.

- It has now returned to where it was standing in 1745. 

- Inventory number : V5268.



    Bureau de pente, formerly owned by one of the daughters of Louix XV at  Versailles, by Jacques-Philippe CAREL (1688-circa 1755).

- Delivered by Gaudreau, cabinet maker to the king on January 8, 1751, for the apartments of Mesdames Sophie and Louise, daughters of Louis XV, upon their return to Versailles, from the Abbaye de Fontevrault.

- Inventory number : V4710

Cleveland Museum


  • Console with Medusa mask, for la Société pour les Bâtiments du Roi

- Sculptors Jules Degoullons (circa 1671-1738), André Legoupil, Marin Bellan and Pierre Taupin founded the Société pour les Bâtiments du Roi on January 21, 1699.

- The main purpose of the société was to work for the sovereign, princes and princesses of the blood, and main members of the royal family. 

Privates collections


  • Important commode by B.V.R.B. One of the three most magnificent commodes in the world.

-  Stamped by B.V.R.B (Bernard Van Risen Burgh) 

- Mrs. Henry FARMAN collection.

- A similar commode is in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen of England, and another at the Quirinal palace in Parma, Italy.


  • A commode by Roger Vandercruse known as LA CROIX

- Stamped  RVLC, circa 1768, applied with lacquer panels from China, Kien Long period. 

- Could be the very same commode mentioned by F. de Salverte. 


  • Gardening tools formerly owned by Marie Antoinette



  • A marquetry commode stamped by B.V.R.B

- Bears the mark of the Château de Bellevue (BV crowned marking), castle offered by King Louis XV to the Marquise de Pompadour. 



  • Extremely rare and exceptional "coffre à bijoux" (jewelry casket), Louix XVI period, attributed to Martin CARLIN.

- Attributed to M. Carlin based on the quality and elegance of execution it displays, as well as its composition and similarities with other pieces, authenticated as produced by Master Martin Carlin. 

- Stamped C. Schneider, brother in law of Carlin. 

- Sèvres porcelain plaques marked with the intertwined “L”, the date-letters “aa” for 1778, and painter L.G. 

- Intended for Marie-Antoinette, at the court. 

- Former Collection of Baron d’Alphonse de ROTHSCHILD 

  • Exceptional pair of Louis XIV cabinets by André-Charles BOULLE

- Opulent chased ormolu mounts

- André-Charles BOULLE (1642-1732) was considered the most gifted cabinet makers of his time.


- Sir Richard Wallace collection. 


  • Commode “à la Carpe”, Louis XVI period,  stamped LEVASSEUR

- Featuring Japanese lacquer with a black background, centered on the front with a carp jumping out of the water. 

- Originally in the Orne (Normandy) area at the Château de L'Aigle, owned by the marquise de L'Aigle, a close friend of the Royal family.